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Thortrans lastbil med hænger

Thortrans has a close relationship with its customers. We measure our success by the good reputation we have built over the years. With us, precision and reliability of delivery is a feature, of which we are proud. We have a professional and well-trained team of drivers on the trucks and warehouses, and our staff are well-known and well-liked wherever they appear.

Our core competency lies in the Furniture transport, kitchen-transport and Inventory transport. We provide service a variety of large and small furniture companies, with our nationwide furniture distribution to stores and private deliveries.

Furniture Distribution requires a careful handling of the goods being transported. Therefore, the quality of its exports, Credibility in the handling and the best service in the distribution, the key values as we are constantly working to improve for you as a customer.

We are also specialists in transporting cardboard and plastic packaging for manufacturing companies.

We offer:

  • Distribution in Denmark with several weekly deliveries.
  • Full loads in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • Return loads to Denmark from Norway and Sweden
  • Smaller movements in Denmark.
  • Project Delivery Services.
  • Furniture Distribution.
  • Furniture Logistics.
  • Furniture transport.
  • Moving Companys.
  • End-user delivery.
  • Volume Transport.
  • Courier Transport.
  • Private Deliveries.

All our vehicles are equipped with fleet management, and we can always tell you where your goods are located or which of our vehicles that are closest to where your transportation needs are.

On our logistics center we load more than 40 furniture transport trucks every day, we handle the furniture with vacuum-lifters and forklifts, this means that we protects our staff and goods.

We have electric stackers and small forklifts we send the trucks if needed, if we have a private delivery to be up stairs so we stair-climber that lift furniture gently and protects our employees.

Our Logistics, Transportation and Warehousing customers come from Jutland, Fyn, Sjæland and overseas. Both the warehouse and transportation customers seeking Transportation, Warehouses in Randers or Jylland can get goods picked up and delivered from stock several times a day.

Our distribution in Denmark deliver across the country several times a week, here receives both businesses and private goods every day.

Our desire is not necessarily to be the largest, we want to be the best.

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